Chrome Launches "Familia"
Vagabond Stories From the Road
Tales from World Travels with John Cardiel, Emmanuel Guzman, Bobby Worrest & John Igei
Chrome, the leading manufacture of durable and utilitarian bags, today launched "Familia," an online account of the travels of John Cardiel, Emmanuel Guzman, Bobby Worrest and John Igei. All four will tell stories through words and photos as they put Chrome backpacks through the rigors of their
travel schedules, which include upcoming summer stops in Europe, North America and points beyond.
"On a fishing trip with John and Emmanuel recently, we got the idea to assemble a small crew of friends, give them bags, and have them tell the Chrome brand story through their travels and adventures," says Matt Sharkey, Director of Marketing for Chrome. "This isnʼt a "team" in the sense of the word that people have become accustomed to in skateboarding. This is a group of like-minded dirt bags who will drop it all on a secondʼs notice, hop on an empty freight car and figure it out as they go." Chrome will continue to grow its band of Vagabonds over the next year, adding a few more pro skateboarders down the line, and expanding the backpack range to include signature pieces. Familia will be the main forum to document the teamʼs travels and experiences, with occasional guest bloggers, photographers and filmers contributing to the experience throughout the year.
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