The Chrome Ball Incident celebrates 10 years of interviews with legendary World filmer, Socrates Leal. Soc has had his hands in a lot of legendary skate video projects over the years—a lot. Here’s a snippet from the interview but do yourself a favor and scroll through the whole thing right here. So much good shit in there!

So now you're officially the World filmer, do you just start cold calling people? Were you nervous at all?
You have to remember that I was older than most of those guys. I was 19 already, they were all 15 or 16. So most of the time, I felt like I was hanging out with little kids. They just happened to be really good at skateboarding.

Also, the first job I ever had was filming Rodney! Talk about a trial-by-fire, that's gnarly! All of my jitters were pretty much gone after that! (laughs)

The crew just kept growing. Like, one day, we'd all go out and Shiloh would bring Guy along, so I'd film some stuff with him… the next day, I was going out to North Hollywood and the Valley to film them at their spots out there. Because that's where Shiloh and all the Blind guys were from. Matt Schnurr and Chico, too, whenever he'd come down. I didn't know any of this walking into it, I just had to figure it out as I went.

I guess before me, they would all film themselves. Just passing around Mark's old camera, filming each other with a busted lens.

Do you recall any particularly epic times where everybody got multiple NBDs in one night?
That went down fairly regularly. Because we're talking about a time when so many tricks hadn't been made up yet. Somebody had to make up all that stuff, I just happened to be filming most of the guys doing that. What if I go this way or out that way? What if I throw in a flip? All of these different variations. That became the thing: progression. Not only trying to do something that nobody else could do, but also trying to make up something that nobody had even thought of.

One night that does stand out was around '93 or so, back when Jeron was still on Blind. Daewon and Jeron got into this little joke battle of seeing who could pull off the most NBDs that night. It started off at the Imperial Ledges and then went on to the Santa Monica Manual. They were both breaking off tricks, one after another. I think they each ended up with 8 or 9 tricks that night, none of which had ever been done to our knowledge.

What were the tricks?
I'd have to watch the footage. It's pretty bad that the dude filming it all can't remember. People always flip out on me because I can never remember. I’m more concentrating on filming it right and not screwing up. The trick was on them.

All of Daewon's stuff got put in New World Order… I'm not sure if Jeron's stuff ever came out, to be honest.