Circus Sells Droors And Dub

World Industries acquires clothing brands, creates Merge Inc.

Circus Distribution has sold the Droors and Dub clothing brands to World Industries. Merge Inc. is the new company created by World Industries to take over manufacturing, distribution, sales, and marketing of Droors and Dub. Ken Block and Damon Way of Circus Distribution have each retained a minority interest in the new corporation, and will serve on the board of directors. Way has designed lines for both brands for all of next year, and will continue to oversee the design direction. Additionally, many of the freelance clothing designers who worked on Droors and Dub will be contracted by Merge, Inc. to continue designing for the lines.

Ken Block explains the reason for selling the companies: “DC is our bread-and-butter brand, and we wanted to make it the best it could be¿and we couldn’t do that while also running two clothing companies.” The Circus team of employees can now devote themselves exclusively to the DC shoe and clothing brand.

“We are confident that Merge Inc. can enhance all aspects of these two very successful brands without changing or modifying the brands’ existing design, image, or distribution,” says Frank Messman, CEO of World Industries. Though the brands are not expected to change tremendously with the new ownership, retailers can now expect to see nationwide sales representatives. Circus’ sales approach primarily employed in-house sales reps, detailed catalogs, and trade shows. The new reps will help retailers to prebook seasonal styles and will facilitate the ordering of stock items.

The Droors team currently consists of Ronnie Creager, Caine Gayle, and Josh Kalis. Confirmed Dub riders include: Rob Dyrdek, Ali Goulet, and Gabe Linn. Merge Inc. will continue to add riders to the teams.

This transition will be finalized at the end of 1998. Circus will sell through the current Droors apparel line until November 15. Merge Inc. will begin distribution of Droors on November 16. All orders and shipping for the Fall ’98 Dub outerwear line will continue with Circus until December 31.

¿ Jenny McGee