Collegiate Skate Tour, How to start a College Skate Club

Work In Skateboarding has an interview with Keegan Guizard from the Collegiate Skate tour, they’ve put together a Handbook for how to start a University Skate Club for Skaters who are university students that are interested.
Skateboarding is not usually associated with higher education, but in actuality there exists a booming population of skateboarders in universities around the world, representing an opportunity to use skateboarding to help benefit students and their universities.
One of the examples is Keegan himself, he was a freshman at NC State where the rules against skating on campus were gnarly, at one point, the rule was, "all four wheels on the ground." But through his college skate club working with the university they were able to get that changed. Now skaters can legally skate spots and cruise around the NC State campus.

Check out the interview and there’s a link to the handbook on the website too.