Collegiate Skate Tour In Portland

The second stop of the 2017 Collegiate Skate Tour went down in May at Portland’s Ed Benedict Skatepark (video recap above). This jam-format contest hosts both a student and non-student contest at every stop and encourages college students to both kill it in school and on the board. With every stop, the CST is defining the thin line between what it means to get an education and still 100% live the skateboarding lifestyle. “You can go to school AND skate,” is a motto they heavily push. And through the woodworks, these contests bring out all types of skateboarding students, and, at the very least raise awareness to those who might never even think twice about it.

Visit for more info on College Skateboarding’s official national series and if you haven’t already, check the recap from Portland above.

Student Division Results:

1st – Alex Sandino (@sandino_photography)
2nd – Anthony Del Togno Armanasco (@bigt100000)
3rd – Magnus Lauber (@magnus_lauber)

Non-student Division Results:

1st – Rob Cabral (#RobCabralSkateGod)
2nd – James McCoy (@therealmccoy360)
3rd – Dillon Walker (@dllnwlkr)

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