Collegiate Skate Tour in Queens

See what went down at the New York stop of the Collegiate Skate Tour at the Astoria skatepark in Queens earlier this month. Students and non-students alike came out in droves for the event from all five boroughs, the greater northeast. Even a few Lima, Peru, skaters showed up for the big day. The podiums ended up looking like this:

Student Division:

1.Bryan Pascual (@3m.bry) – Bryant HS
2.Joshua "Pepe" Boody (@playboypepe) – ACTVF
3.Joshua Carter (@ok_fella) – Co-Op Tech

Non-student Division:

1.Nico Ramos (@back3n1co)
2.Helaman Campos (@helamancampos)
3.Andrew Valencia (@mr.fuegoo)

The Collegiate Skate Tour continues to encourage education for skateboarders everywhere, check their site for a stop near your town!

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