See what went down at the New York stop of the Collegiate Skate Tour at the Astoria skatepark in Queens earlier this month. Students and non-students alike came out in droves for the event from all five boroughs, the greater northeast. Even a few Lima, Peru, skaters showed up for the big day. The podiums ended up looking like this:

Student Division:

1.Bryan Pascual (@3m.bry) – Bryant HS
2.Joshua "Pepe" Boody (@playboypepe) – ACTVF
3.Joshua Carter (@ok_fella) – Co-Op Tech

Non-student Division:

1.Nico Ramos (@back3n1co)
2.Helaman Campos (@helamancampos)
3.Andrew Valencia (@mr.fuegoo)

The Collegiate Skate Tour continues to encourage education for skateboarders everywhere, check their site for a stop near your town!

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