Complete Skatepark Guide

Consolidated issues The Plan.

In an effort to bolster the number of public skateparks in the U.S., Consolidated Skateboards has produced a definitive guide that covers everything from gathering support, approaching city officials, and who to contact for design help. The compact twenty-page manifesto includes sample petitions, worksheets, and relevant statistics, as well as supportive testimony from city officials who have built parks in their communities.

“You go to the city and follow these guidelines, and there’s nothing they can say but, ‘Okay,'” says Consolidated’s Steven “Birdo” Guisinger, who worked with artist Moishe Brenman and former partner Steve Keenan on The Plan.

According to Brenman, Consolidated receives over 100 requests a day for The Plan, and the company has recently established a Web site where it can be downloaded. “All the info is public domain – it’s already available to the public,” he says. “But most people don’t know how to get it.”

Guisinger and Brenman hope that The Plan will result in hundreds of new parks across the country. Over five years in the making, The Plan is concise and complete, and an indispensable guide for anyone seriously interested in working for a public skatepark in their community. As an ongoing project, it will be updated over time, and submissions and additional information are welcome. For a copy of The Plan, contact Consolidated Skateboards at: (408) 457-8206; or visit their Web site at: