Concrete Challenge 2 Aspen Final Results

Aspen, Colorado – September 16th, 2001
With lots of rain in the forecast and dark clouds, cloaking the sky above Aspen Mountain skaters warmed up in the Aspen skatepark angel bowl. Rain hit as the first heat began postponing the start of the contest by about half an hour.

As the bowl dried, the skaters emerged full of stoke and ready to charge. Wrex Cook of the Aspen Skateboard Society (ASS) charged hard blasting huge airs to win the qualifying round going into finals. Another standout in qualifying heats include Lib Tech and Etnies skater Josh Faulk who busted out big ollies and technical lines.

In the finals, it was Dave “Science Fair” Maxwell charging hard and exciting the crowd and his fellow competitors.

“This is what every place in America needs”, Science said as he surveyed the park at the end of the day. “It breeds really good skaters. The kids coming out of here are going to rip.”

Science prevailed in a field of 21 skaters – one of his most memorable runs was the one in which he aired all four hips in fluid succession.

Lib Tech’s Ben Krahn took second for the day at Aspen ripping the bowl with his usual ollie prowess and technical skills.

Aspen’s own Wrex Cook, who now has his own pro model with Alva, blasted huge ollie oop transfers over the hip from 7 to 10 in a cat in the hat suit to take third place.

Fast and full of fury, skatopia owner, Brewce Martin skated at 110 mph ripping long stand up grinds and taking out the crowd and media with roll outs at pace to stick fourth place.

As the day ended, the skating raged on while the scores were calculated. Willy Thompson climbed to the top of a banquet table held vertically and dropped in on a solid seven feet of vert. Later Willy was spotted balcony diving onto suspended canopies. The kid has problems.

Aspen Results
1. Dave Maxwell $2,000
2. Ben Krahn $1,200
3. Wrex Cook $800
4. Brewce Martin $600
5. Benji Galloway $400
6. Greg Leblanc
7. Todd Johnson
8. Chris Sessions
9. Josh Faulk
10. Mark Liscak