Concrete Challenge 2 Denver Results

Although many sporting events for the weekend of the 14 – 16 of September were cancelled due to the recent World Trade Center and Pentagon terrorist attacks, skaters from all over the United States decided to travel to Colorado for the 2nd annual Concrete Challenge.

Instead of mourning the loss of the victims by sitting at home and worrying about subsequent attacks, skaters rallied and got together to do what skaters do best, celebrate life and to have fun. Since most domestic flights were cancelled, many pro could not show up, so the skaters who did attend had to road-trip their way to Denver for the first half of the contest on the 14th. Pros like Ben Krahn, Jeremiah Risk, and Brewce Martin traveled the distance on the road to make return appearances for the 2nd annual concrete challenge.

What? What? Were the flabbergasted reactions of the crowd as pro skaters from across the nation ripped the dogbowl at the new Denver City Skatepark.
The day began at Noon with warm ups and qualifying rounds beginning at 3pm. Intermittent rain showers sent the crew diving for cover under the tents, but not ten minutes later the rain would make way for the sun, and the skating would be on again. Despite two bouts with rainstorms, the contest ran on schedule. Noteworthy skaters in the finals included Chad “Swamp” Dog Simon, Todd Johnson, Science Fair, Lib Technologies’ Ben Krahn, William “Clown Hair” Thompson, David Tuck, Benji Galloway and Brewce Martin.

An 11 man final jam of forty minutes made for some intense action. Dave “Science Fair” Maxwell annihilated Denver’s Dog Bowl with gnarly lines and lots of speed – airing the hips, boneless roll ins, and much more sickness getting him to third place.
Todd Johnson was the most consistent snake in the battle snagging more runs than anyone. Todd traveled from Jacksonville Florida for a 1st appearance at the concrete challenge to take home 2nd place at Denver with a bevy of smooth, stylin runs on the Sector 9 deck.

Balzout skater Benji Galloway threw down techi runs that would have given Omar Hassan a run for his money – consistent and full of raw intensity Benji threw down aggro trick after aggro trick. Switch lines, flip tricks, speed, airs, and much more took Benji to first place for the night.

Alva team pro Wrex Cook blew minds and stoked the crowd with BIG airs throughout the prelims, and finished 6th for the day.
Ben Krahn threw down on the more tech side with switch f/s grinds, switch rock and rolls and big b/s and f/s ollies over the hips. And what really can be said about Skateopia’s Brewce Martin. The guy is a virtual powerhouse. His charm lays not in the amount of tricks that he can do, but in the shear speed and on-edge quality of his skating; super fast roll-ins, mammoth b/s and f/s air transfers, the longest frontside stand-up grinds you’ll ever see and big lay-back airs were a few of the tricks that made his runs so intense to watch.

At 7 pm the crowd and competitors of the concrete challenge took a moment of silence and lit candles to honor the lives of those lost in the tragic events of this week. As the moment of silence ended, shouts of “we will prevail” echoed throughout the park.
The competition ended at 10pm under the lights of the Denver City Skatepark, one of the best new skateparks in the nation.

Denver Results:
1st Benji Galloway $ 2,000
2nd Todd Johnson $1, 200
3rd David Maxwell $ 800
4th Dave Tuck $ 600
5th Ben Krahn $ 400
6.Wrex Cook
7. Brewce Martin
8. Chad “Swamp Dog” Simon
9. Carl Romulus
10. Jeremiah Worm
11. William Thompson