Conklin In, Svitak Out as Innes Team Manager

A couple friends of ours flipped and flopped positions at Innes today. Check the press release below for the full scoopy doop:

Innes announces the appointment of industry veteran and former pro Lance Conklin to the dual post of Skate Team Manager and Internet Content manager. Kristian Svitak has decided to step down as Team Manager due to increased demands on his time from both his own skate brand, 1031 and his band The Heartaches. Kristian continues as an Innes Pro team member and staunch Innes supporter. “Lance brings years of experience in so many aspects of our business. His wide experience is invaluable and we’re stoked that he became available at the time we needed him. He’s going to make our demo and web experience much richer for our audience Glenn Brumage, VP Sales and Marketing.