Work in Skateboarding is hosting their first industry panel event this Saturday the 7 of November at our skatepark, in conjunction with the Collegiate Skate Tour who are having a College skate comp in the afternoon. Buy tickets now!

If you’re in SoCal and are interested in working in the Skateboard industry or just being inspired by some solid people, head along to Work in Skateboarding’s Panel Discussion and Workshop with these guys:

Walker Ryan, professional skateboarder, started skateboarding at the age of seven years old and it has since taken over his life, providing a career and a means to travel the world. Walker completed a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Sociology at UCSD while also starting to make a living as an amateur skateboarder for Organika Skateboards. His first pro board was released in November 2011, thus igniting his official professional skateboarding career.

Kim Woozy is the Founder of MAHFIA.TV, a video production company and web tv channel featuring premier content of girls skateboarding, snowboarding and surfing. With a worldwide audience of over 70k, Kim created MAHFIA as a way for women to get more exposure, develop their skateboarding careers and also because she wanted a media outlet that she was personally stoked on. Kim is one of a number of women who have taken things into their own hands to create an invaluable resource for the growing number of girls around the world who are taking part in skateboarding today.

David Jurusik has been working in the skateboarding industry's sales and marketing area since 2006. He has worked for Blackbox, Tum Yeto and is now one of the advertising executives at TransWorld SKATEboarding Magazine. Marketing is one of the most important and biggest areas of the skateboarding industry and also one of the more accessible areas in which to begin.

Fred van Schie is the premier Social Media consultant for the Skate Industry and owner of FvS media. He works with brands, shops and athletes in the action sports industry to maximize their social media reach. Social media is evolving at a fast pace and Fred has helped his clients use its power and opportunities to benefit the skateboard industry since 2011.

Kelly D Williams is the owner of Broadcast Wheels and Permanent, a distributing agency and co-op for the new generation of premium brands from around the world. The concept for Permanent came from his experiences with Broadcast Wheels, particularly facing challenges with distribution of Broadcast product. He wanted to create a distribution company that kept to the core values of skateboarding and respected brand vision.

Tickets to panel $17 – group discount available
General admission to contest: Free
Contest entry $15 (entry included with panel ticket)