Copenhagen Pro 2007

Debut Euro Contest Alert: it’s the 2007 Copenhagen Pro presented by SPoTlight Productions and DVS! Keep scrollin’ down for the full 411…

SPoTlight Productions and DVS Present
Friday, June 29th -- Sunday, July 1st

Together with the SPoTlight Productions team from Skatepark of Tampa, we are putting together the 1st Annual CPH PRO 2007 in Copenhagen, Denmark at Copenhagen Skatepark.

CPH PRO 2007 Schedule of Events

Friday, June 29th
– Street and Vert Practice all day
– Open Bowl Contest
– After-Party at Hotel Fox --

Saturday, June 30th
– Street Qualfiiers
– Vert Contest -- approx. 6pm -- 8pm with FREE BEER!
– After-Party at Vega Nightclub --

Sunday, July 1st
– Street Semi-Finals
– Street Finals
– Street Best Trick
– After-Party at CPH Skatepark
– After-After-Party at Stengade30 Rubadub Sunday –

Hotel Info: Website:

Fly into Copenhagen Airport -- it’s 20 minutes from CPH Skatepark

Taxis, busses, and trains. Everybody speaks English!

$1 USD is equal to approximately 6 kroner
– A beer in a bar is 30 kroner ($5)
– A sixpack at the grocery store is 40 kroner ($6)
– A deck is 550 kroner ($100)
– A sandwich or pizza for lunch is 35 kroner ($6)
– A pack of Marlboros is 35 kroner ($6)
– A quarter of hash is 350 kroner ($62)

Registration Info and General Questions:
Entry fee is $150 for Street and $150 for Vert