Dakine’s Grease Traps And Tail Taps Tour


DAKINE, a leading manufacturer of packs, bags and accessories for action sports professionals and enthusiasts, has partnered with the ‘Grease Not Gas’ organization to take a skate tour on the road from San Diego to Seattle. DAKINE team riders Paul Machnau, Jeron Wilson and Chris Haslam will pile into a ‘Grease Not Gas’ RV for an eight day, 1300 mile trip up the west coast visiting retailers, signing autographs and doing demos.

The ‘Grease Not Gas’ mission is to create social change through alternative fuels. The organization’s RV runs solely on vegetable oil, emitting no cancer causing exhaust or sulfur dioxide (which causes acid rain), and leaving everyone in its path craving french fries. Check out all of the tour’s fun, action and mayhem at a stop near you:

October 20th -- 4p.m. at Sundiego in Mission Beach, CA
October 21st -- 2:30p.m. at ZJ’s Boardhouse Santa Monica, CA
October 23rd -- 1p.m. at Mainland in Visalia, CA
October 24th -- 4p.m. at Ground Zero in Roseville, CA
October 26th -- 4p.m. at Board Tactic in Eugene, OR
October 28th -- 4p.m. at Snowboard Connection/Skate Barn in W. Seattle, WA

Backed by a pro team roster that includes some of the world’s top action sports athletes, DAKINE offers a complete range of innovative products, including sport-specific to street-savvy backpacks, bags, travel gear and accessories. To see the full line of winter ’07 DAKINE products, log on to www.dakine.com.

Stay tuned to skateboarding.com for day-to-day coverage of the tour!