Damn Am Series 2003 schedule

Damn Am Series 2003 Schedule

The Damn Am Series is quickly becoming known as the “West Coast Tampa Am” each year in October at the Volcom Facility in Costa Mesa, California. An additional Damn Am event of the same caliber will be held on September 19 – 21, 2003 at the 3rd Lair Skatepark in Minneapolis, Minnesota. The Damn Am Series now has two events that both have paths that can lead you to Tampa Am. The top 12 skaters at each event qualify for Tampa Am 2004. The top two skaters at each event qualify for the Tampa Am 2004 Semi-Finals. The second event will be at the Volcom Facility in Costa Mesa, California on October 23 -- 26, 2003.

Coverage of the Damn Am appears in all major industry publications and websites. The events are run by the same staff that have organized and run Tampa Am and Tampa Pro for the last decade, including Brian Schaefer and Rob Meronek.

Sponsorship packages are available for both events, including exclusive sponsorships for shoe, clothing, and certain other categories.

Visit www.damnam.com for the full details.


Brian Schaefer (Brian@DamnAm.com)

Rob Meronek, CPA, CMA (Rob@DamnAm.com)

Damn Am Series, Inc.

4215 East Columbus Drive

Tampa, Florida 33605