Dane Vaughn On Mighty Healthy


Dane Vaughn, backside nosegrind.

As a skater-owned company out of New York City, the Mighty Healthy squad continues to push the boundaries of street skateboarding. With Dane Vaughn, Chris Colbourn, Pete Eldridge, Connor Champion, Gavin Nolan to Jeremy Murray on the squad Mighty Healthy continues to be encouraged by the East Coast spirit of progression and continues to play an avid role in influencing the melting pot of subculture.


Connor Champion. Frontside crooked grind transfer.

For 12 years, the New York City-based brand Mighty Healthy has been recognized for its iconic design with an emphasis on bold graphics, unconventional statements and an organic skate team. Mighty Healthy just announced their new Spring 2016 collection featuring some their skate crew shot by Van Styles, Mike O'Meally and more.