Danny Wainwright Joins KR3W Family
KR3W APPAREL is very proud to announce the addition of one of the skateboarding world's finest to our family, Danny Wainwright.
In addition to bringing his amazing skateboarding talents to KR3W, Danny will also contribute his valuable perspectives regarding the KR3W Europe team and marketing as well. "I've always wanted to be more involved with all the aspects of being on a team, both Manu and Ben have been extremely positive and supportive and I really look forward to get things rolling."
Danny is currently dividing his time between managing his world famous skate shop Fifty-Fifty and bouncing between his hometown of Bristol and sunny Barcelona. When asked if there was truth to the rumors that he's recently been skating a lot with the elusive Tom Penny, Danny responded, "It’ s really good to be out cruising with Tom again. We have known each other for many years. Lately we have been hooking up almost everyday and going out shooting photos and cruising new spots."