Danny Way Jumps Great Wall July 9

Everything is coming together for Danny Way’s jump over the Great Wall of China. Danny left for China early in the week and the Beijing Mega Rampࢆž¢, the biggest skateboarding structure ever built, now towers over the Great Wall’s Ju Yong Guan Gate. Danny’s jump is set to take place at 5:30 p.m. Beijing time this Saturday. He’s going for two world records—speed on a skateboard and high air out of a ramp.

On Thursday, Danny inspected the site for the first time. He climbed the ramp, paced out distances alongside site crew, and mentally prepared himself.

“It’s big. Really big,” said Danny of the ramp. “It’s definitely going to make me go a lot higher, a lot faster, and a lot further than I’ve ever been before.”

The Beijing Mega Rampࢆž¢ has already exceeded its planned size requirements: the roll-in platform is 121 feet tall, the gap over the Wall will be 80 feet, and the quarter-pipe will be 32 feet tall.

“When I clear the Wall and hit the landing ramp, I’ll be going close to 50 miles per hour,” explained Danny. “The quarter-pipe is about three times the size of the average vert ramp and a lot wider, so I can get the trajectory I need for the height record, and I’ll also have plenty of space to land.”

“I’m going to hold on for dear life, do the biggest air I’ve ever done, and hope for the best,” said Danny. “The whole thing is intimidating for sure. I’m nervous but confident.”

America’s biggest newspaper, USA Today, recognized something skateboarders have known for years: Danny has a unique combination of skill, talent, vision, and giant cojones. Accordingly, in the “Sports” section of USA Today’s July 6 edition, they published an interview with Danny on his preparation and experience for the jump. The article also includes several explanatory graphics about Danny and the Beijing Mega Rampࢆž¢. USA Today isn’t a skate mag and might not be on your daily reading list, so check out the article—we’ve got a PDF, complete with interview and graphics, available to download. Scroll down until you see the blue-and-white USA Today logo.

Reading about Danny’s jump is all fine and dandy, but why not watch history in the making? We’ll save you the cost of a ticket to China by telling you there’s going to be a live Web-cast of the event at dannydoeschina.com! Click the link, then click “LIVE FEED.” Plan your early Saturday morning accordingly, because the jump takes place at 5:30 a.m. on the East Coast and 2:30 a.m. on the West Coast.

Check Danny’s new Great Wall Web section, now on www.dcshoes.com.