Danny Way Launches A Decade

Danny’s new ad is hitting right now. If you haven’t seen it, get to your local skate shop and check out a copy of any January skate mag. The ad has the first coverage of what Danny’s been doing on the Mega Ramp at Point X Camp since The DC Video wrapped in June. Last week we only mentioned two words: Mega Box. How do you explain how insane a Mega Box is? It’s 10-feet-tall, 22-feet off the ground, and you can only hit it after clearing a 40-foot gap. Words fail to do it justice. It’s enough to say that Danny is on his own planet.

DC is having a special early launch of the all-black color of Danny’s newest shoe, the Decade. It’s now in stores. The other colors begin to ship in early January of 2004. So now is your chance to get the shoe early.

The idea behind the Decade is simple: “You don’t see it. You feel it,” says Danny. He’s talking about the technology. The technical features on Danny’s tenth pro shoe don’t overpower its clean lines, a good description of Danny himself. He lets his skating do the talking. The Decade has DC’s patent-pending DGTT rubber bottom, and comes standard with a heel airbag in the PerformaliteT midsole.

Head to your local skate shop and try on the black Decades yourself. Stay tuned for more info on Danny and what he’s filming for-The DC Video: Deluxe Edition DVD.