Danny Way on Jessup

Jessup Griptape adds skateboard megastar Danny Way

7/17/07— Chicago based Jessup Manufacturing is proud to announce the addition of Danny Way to it’s pro skateboard team. Jessup Manufacturing has been producing premium skateboard specific griptape since 1975. Danny Way joins PJ Ladd as the second team member. Danny, a resident of Encinitas, CA is most recently known for his recent exploits with the Megaramp and is currently a part of the Plan B “Super Team.

Danny started skateboarding at the tender age of 5 and by 6 he was a regular at the now legendary Del Mar Skate Ranch. By 11 he was winning contests and stacking up sponsors. At age 14 Danny became a part of the coveted “Bones Brigade team and shortly after went to H Street skateboards and turned pro. Since turning pro Danny has been full throttle setting and resetting world records, stacking up x-game gold medals, rider of the year awards, and blowing minds. From jumping the Great Wall of China to dropping into skate ramps out of helicopters, Danny is continually pushing the boundaries of skateboarding.

“Jessup grip has always been the best. Grip is critical with some of the stuff I am currently doing. I am stoked to be a part of the Jessup team with PJ, stated Danny.