Danny Way Sets Highest and Longest Air World Record

Danny Way is no stranger to world records — in 1997 he set the world record for the highest air. Last week, at a windy inland Southern California location, Danny set not one, but two world records, for both the longest and highest air. A course was built specifically for Danny’s attack on the record books: a 49-foot-tall roll-in led to a launch ramp with a landing ramp over fifty feet away. The landing ramp then sloped downward and led to a 20-foot-tall quarterpipe. The ramps were set up for Danny to break the world record for longest air, and then hit the quarterpipe to break the record for the highest air.

By the end of the first of two days, Danny had set a new world-record for the longest air with a distance of 65 feet (beating the previous record of 56 feet, set by Brian Patch in 2001, by a total of nine feet). The winds proved too high to break the longest air record and then launch into the highest air — he was blown about too much once his airs on the quarterpipe started clearing the 15-foot mark.

The wind settled down by the next day. Danny started doing backside 360s over the 50-foot gap and then hitting the quarterpipe to launch into a world-record high air. He ultimately topped out at 18 feet, three inches — shattering his own previous record of 16 feet, six inches.

Danny broke both records while filming for a pay-per-view television event called King of Skate, which is pitting six top skaters against each other as they invent and then perform their own stunts for the $25,000 cash prize. Other skaters invited to compete include Bob Burnquist, Tony Hawk, Geoff Rowley, Mike Vallelly, and Eric Koston. The pay-per-view premiere is June 28, but watch for more coverage in coming weeks as the full extent of Danny’s achievements becomes known.