DC would like to congratulate JP Dantas "Anjinho" for winning the DC King Of São Paulo, the latest installment of DC's amateur skateboarding contest, this past weekend. Fifty of the best regional amateur skateboarders from South America came out and competed at two of São Paulo's most famous skate spots, the Praça Roosevelt and Praça Azul. When all was said and done JP Dantas took the crown and R$ 4.000,00.

Day one started out a bit rainy at Praça Azul but it quickly cleared up allowing for some great jam sessions. To create an even better skate spot for the competition adjustments were made to existing handrails, and one of the set of handrails was transformed into a "Big Four." Bangers from the day were a nollie fs feeble Thiago Lemos casually threw in one of his lines; a switch heelflip blunt down the rail by Denis Silva; and a clean switch heel flip down the big four by JP Dantas blowing everyone's mind.

Sunday proved to be an even better day of skating with a huge crowd of skateboarders, kids and local media coming out to the Praça Roosevelt. The hubba, embellished with a new marble top, hosted the best tricks of the day including a nollie backside noseblunt by Glauber Marques; hardflip fs crooks by Carlos Iqui; a clean 360 flip noseslide by JP Dantas; nollie heelflip blunt transfer by José Martins; a kickflip fs crooks by Thiago Lemos, and lastly a 270 nollie kickflip fs tailslide by Gustavo Malagoli.

This was the final stop for the 2009 DC King Of Series. Other DC Kings were crowned in cities worldwide including, Dublin, Ireland, Vancouver, Canada, and Chicago, Illinois.
For more information on the DC King Of Series and the Global Skate Team check out dcshoes.com/king.

Overall results of DC King Of Series – São Paulo:
1. JP Dantas "Anjinho"
2. Gustavo Malagoli
3. Thiago Lemos
4. Jose Martins Zezinho
5. Carlos Iqui
6. Luiz Apelão
7. Denis Silva
8. Jhony Melhado
9. Gauber Marques
10. Murilo Romão
11. Dhiego Corrêia
12. Douglas Molocope
13. Heverton De Freitas
14. Mailton dos Santos
15. Alber Leandro