DC Deluxe Edition DVD

Wondering what the DC team has been up to since The DC Video wrapped in June? The answer is simple: skating. In the case of Danny Way, skating and filming an entire new part on the Mega Ramp. The results will be seen in The DC Video Deluxe Edition DVD, set to hit shops January 31, 2004. The Deluxe Edition DVD incorporates new and unreleased skate footage of the DC skate team, and also includes many other bonus features.

A first in skateboarding, the packaging for The DC Video Deluxe Edition DVD is a full-color, hardbound book that contains 86 pages of unreleased photos, tour notes, memorabilia, and exclusive team interviews. The book/DVD packaging is the same size as a regular DVD case, so The DC Video Deluxe Edition DVD will fit on shelves with other DVDs.

“There was so much good skating and so many good ideas that came out of The DC Video that we felt people should see,” said DC President Ken Block. “The DVD format really lends itself to bonus features and a collectible book. We now have a place to tell many stories that came out of The DC Video, like how Dyrdek’s part came together, what went into building the Mega Ramp, and what Danny went through in breaking his own world records on the Ramp less than a week before our LA premiere.”

Included in Danny Way’s new Mega Ramp part is a generous amount of groundbreaking footage filmed on the Mega Box, highlighted in the Decade print ad. The ad, currently running in skateboarding magazines, is the subject of much speculation and buzz on what Danny is going to pull off in the new DVD. There is also new footage of other DC team members, worldwide video tour footage and segments originally intended for The DC Video, but didn’t make the final cut.

“After the premiere and the tour, Danny kept skating and filming out at the Mega Ramp,” Block said. “It quickly became obvious that he was once again doing some incredible stuff, and in some new directions. We’ve pushed the release date back twice because Danny was still skating and getting even more footage. We wanted to let him have more time…and it has been well worth it. I think people are going to be shocked.”

As well as a host of other special additional features, viewers will be treated to a brand-new part that follows the further adventures of Rob Dyrdek and Big Black.

DC is premiering the DC Video Deluxe Edition DVD at ASR in San Diego on January 17th, 2004.

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