DC King Of Barcelona Secret Spot

It’s good to be the King

The third and final location for DC’s King of Barcelona amateur skate competition has just been announced. To close out this three week long street skating competition, the final will consist of events at a series of Barcelona’s famous spots. The Saturday competition will begin at MACBA, then move to El Paralelo, El Barceloneta and return to MACBA, testing skaters on a variety of Barce’s best spots to capture the crown. Registration for the finals will begin at 3pm at MACBA on September 15th.

The day’s first session will begin on MACBA’s big four. From here, competitors will move to the concrete curbs and manual pads of El Paralelo where judges will begin selecting the top ten finalists who will return to MACBA for the finals. Judging for the top ten will continue at La Barceloneta where competitors will session the spots varied terrain that includes steep granite banks to bank to ledges, wooden benches, handrails and more.

The ten finalists selected during the day’s events will be invited to compete at the final session at MACBA. The event begins at 7:30 pm and will be the final spot to decide the Barcelona series winner.

DC’s King of Barcelona is the second global stop in DC’s King of Series for 2007. The DC King of LA competition kicked off in July, hitting 4 of the city’s most famous spots before crowning Vincent Alvarez its King. The series will travel down under, in late Holiday 07 to crown Australia’s King.


3pm: Registration begins at MACBA’s big four

All KOB competitors will be given a KOB t-shirt and red sweat band for identification

4pm: Group briefing for all riders / judges on MACBA’s big four

Competition moves to first spot: El Paralelo, continues on to La Barceloneta for second session

7:30PM: Final at MACBA, 10 finalist selected from day’s events compete for the DC KOB title

Closing party at OTTO ZUTZ
Free entrance before 2am.


To find out more about DC King of Barcelona visits the official website for the event www.dckingof.com for daliy blog updates, skate competition details all lots more.