Over 50 on-the-come-up ams will be making sure you remember their names tomorrow at DC’s King Of L.A. contest. I’ll be there with Aaron Smith all day, so keep tuning in for the photos. (the rider list follows the flyer…)

Brandon Gutierrez
Robby Hargreaves
Carlos Ramos
Christian Turbes
Tommy Werner
Kevin Romar
Billy Davenport
Adrian Adrid
Jarold Webb
Sean Bolis
Dustin Szemenza
Abner Jaquez
Kirk Rocha
Kellan Dodd
Marquis Preston
Boo Johnson
Sean Bolis
Mikey Sanchez
Steve Perez
Scott Pfaff
Taylor Orman
Richard Amador
David Vargas
Ricky Webb
Ray Maldonado
Eric Billups
Kyle Billups
Elliot Murphy
Braden Goddard
Chris “Compton” Nichols
Cano Cardenes
Jeremy Dineen
Shaun Hoover
Taylor McClung
Ramy Issa
Travis Glover
Jason Vanzant