DC King Of Montreal Video

Congrats to Paul Trep for winning overall DC King of Montreal am contest this past weekend at Le Taz Skatepark. Paul’s combined scores on the Peace Park replica ledges and Pointe-á-Calliére double-set replica earned him 1st Place, and a cool $6,000. In addtion to his overall win, Paul took home an additional $500 for 1st Place Best Rail Trick. Following in Second and Third was Josh Clark and Alexander Mitchell.


DC King of Montreal Results:

DC King of Montreal Overall

1. Paul Trep

2. Josh  Clark

3. Alexander Mitchell

4. Brandon Del Bianco

5.  Antonine Asselin

Peace Park Ledges

1. Antoine Asselin

2. Paul Trep

3. Josh Clark

4. Pat Tremblay

5. Andrew Mcgraw

Best Trick Ledges

1. TJ Rogers – Switch FS Tailslide Nollie 270 Heelflip Out

2. Micky Papa – Crooked Grind Nollie Big Flip Out on Ledge to Bike Rack

3. Chad Dickson – Nosegrind Nollie Heelflip Out on the Ledge

Pointé-á-Calliére Double-Set

1. Brandon Del Bianco

2. Paul Trep

3. Micky Papa

4. Jon Cosentino

5. Bobby Dekyzer

Best Trick Rail

1. Paul Trep – Switch Flip Backside 50-50 on the Gap to Rail

2. Ben Paterson – Gap Kickflip FS Bluntslide on the Rail

3. Chris Mongenais – Gap to Cab Frontside Boardslide Fakie on the Rail

Thanks to Gatorade, Push.ca, Color Magazine, Le Taz Skatepark, and everyone that made it out to DC King of Montreal.

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