DC King Of New York Update



DC’s King of New York skateboarding contest kicked off last weekend, September 16 -17th in Staten Island and the Bronx. With two of the five boroughs already completed, only three boroughs are left before DC crowns its “King of New York. The contest continues this weekend, September 23rd — 24th with stops at Queen’s Flushing Meadows Park and Brooklyn’s John Dewey High School. The King of New York will be crowned September 30th following the last contest at Manhattan’s legendary Brooklyn Banks.

Amateur skateboarders came out from all over the city and beyond to do battle for the coveted title. Jimmy McDonald has become the early points leader in the King of New York contest after wins at both Staten Island and the Bronx. He solidified his first win at Staten Island’s ABC Ledges, and backed up the win by earning the Bronx victory, pulling a solid kickflip backside tailslide on a sketchy bank to ledge. With two wins already under his belt Jimmy has a commanding 8-point lead in the overall points, but there is still plenty more skating to be done.

“New York is one of the meccas of street skateboarding,” said Ken Block, DC-co founder and Chief Brand Officer. “For DC, the King of New York contest is really an acknowledgement of the skills of NYC skateboarders. We expect to see the amazing talent showcased that makes the NYC skate scene legendary.

Each event is a jam format contest limited to approximately 50 skateboarders that qualify the morning of the event. After progressing through the 10 minute heats, the winner of each borough wins cash and prizes and the competitor with the most accumulated points after all five contests wins the Grand Prize and is crowned the “King of New York. The judging panels consist of well-known NYC skateboarders, industry insiders and members of DC’s Skateboarding Team.

During the event’s two-week time frame the DC Skateboarding Team has set up shop in their own loft in Manhattan. The team is keeping busy while in the city: between the autograph signings, the parties, the New York launch celebration of 20|94"¢, and the five King of New York contests, there are a total of 13 events over the period of 15 days. In their downtime, the team is making sure to get in some skateboarding of their own and keeping themselves fed at the DC Pizzeria located at 83 St. Marks Place and 1st Ave.

Fans can stay up to speed on all the action while DC is in NYC via the King of New York microsite. The site is constantly updated with photos, videos, contest results, and blogs. Please go to www.dckingofnewyork.com for more information.