DC News, 11/03


Find out what a Mega Box is in Danny’s new ad.

For the last few weeks, Danny’s been trekking out to the Mega Ramp, camera crew in tow. He’s been putting it down for The DC Video: Deluxe Edition DVD. Needless to say, Danny’s operating on a whole different level. So what has he been doing out in the desert? Part of that question will be answered in the January editions of skate mags, all of which will have Danny’s new ad. We’ll give you a two-word hint of what to expect: Mega Box. The first ad hits end of November in TransWorld SKATEboarding. In Danny’s new ad, you’ll also get the first look at his new shoe, the Decade, which is Danny’s pro model shoe. To commemorate the event, the all-black Decade has a special early launch on November 29, while the other colorways hit stores early January. More info on Danny’s Decade is forthcoming next week, but look for the ads in the new TransWorld in your mailbox and at your local skate shop.


Hundreds of skateboarders and skate activists will converge on Philadelphia’s University Of The Arts on Saturday, November 22 for the world premiere of the ON Video Winter 2004 issue, featuring “Love Story”-a 35-minute segment on Love Park (JFK Plaza).

“Love Story” covers the evolution of skateboarding at Love Park, compiling the best footage from the last decade and telling the story through interviews with some of Love’s most notable locals, as well as local activists who’ve taken up the skateboarders’ cause: DC riders Josh Kalis and Stevie Williams, Bam Margera, Ricky Oyola, Kerry Getz, Edmund Bacon, Scott Kip, Tim O’Connor, Greg Heller, and more. The rise of Love Park as a world-famous skate spot, the talent of the skaters who rode there, the conflict between skateboarders and City Hall, and the struggle to return skateboarding to Love Park are all covered, including the October 5 Free Love Park Rally.

Thanks to the help of the Skateboard Advocacy Network, Philadelphia’s own coalition of skaters’ rights advocates, ON Video is premiering the Winter 2004 issue in Philadelphia for the skaters of Love Park before rolling it out with regional premieres across the country. We encourage you to attend and to see that the campaign to open Love Park to skateboarding is still very active and has attracted worldwide attention.

Saturday, November 22, 2003
World Premiere of ON Video Winter 2004 issue featuring
LOVE STORY-The Saga Of A Skate Landmark
University Of The Arts, Hamilton Hall
320 South Broad St., Philadelphia
7 PM
Free-all ages

DC is sponsoring the afterparty at Tattooed Mom (530 South St)-you must be 21 or over to attend. If under 21, go skate Love.

Ryan Smith and Ryan Gallant Turn Pro

This November, Ryan Smith and Ryan Gallant both said farewell to the amateur ranks and stepped up to join the pros. As ams, both paid their share of dues.

Smith finished his first full video part last year for Zero’s Dying to Live, wrapped up a part for The DC Video, and bagged three magazine covers. Gallant followed up his first full part in the landmark PJ Ladd’s Wonderful, Horrible Life with a full part in The DC Video.

Smith has turned pro for Mystery, a new board company that’s part of the Zero family. His first signature model should be in stores now. Gallant’s board will be coming out on Ryan’s long-time sponsor, Expedition, and will be in stores soon. Both Smith and Gallant are busy filming for The DC Video: Deluxe Edition DVD, in stores December 19.


“It’s athletic-looking but clean, said Stevie Williams about his latest signature shoe, the Scenario. “I wanted people to say, ‘That’s a Stevie shoe!’ I wanted ’em to tell just by looking at it.

The Scenario is made of action nubuck or heavy-duty suede, depending on the color, and has a PAAL AB 2003 toe cap for ollie protection. Hidden lace loops protect laces from grip tape damage. The Performalite"¢ midsole provides cushioning, and the Absorbalite"¢ heel insert absorbs impact and provides stability.

“It’s as simple as possible, said Stevie. The Scenario is exactly how Stevie wanted it: fluid and clean, two words that pretty much sum up Stevie himself. The Scenario is hitting shops now. Head to your local skate shop to try on a pair. To see the shoe in more detail and check out the colors.


Danny Way’s Mega Ramp part at the end of The DC Video was so dramatic that the people at Fuel Network asked Danny to film a commercial for the all-action-sports channel. Danny obliged, and made more trips out to the desert to film. The result, a 30-second spot filmed entirely on the Mega Ramp, is the first new footage of Danny released since The DC Video premiered. The commercial features never-before-seen shots and angles of Danny skating the ramp, so catch it now, as it’s running on all Fox-affiliated cable channels.


DC is helping sponsor the latest installment of Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater, called Tony Hawk’s Underground. If you play the game, you can check out DC in the NYC level. THUG, as the game’s called, is a new take on Tony Hawk Pro Skater. This time it’s all about the player. You can put your own face into the game, invent your own tricks, and challenge your friends with unique player-created goals. This latest version also involves completing challenges and following a story, which takes a player from being an unknown, unsponsored local skater to one of the most popular skaters in the world. It’s available November 28th on PlayStation2, X Box, GameCube and Gameboy Advance.