DC Shoe Co. launches prime-time television spot

In the midst of this summer’s televised-skateboarding blitz, DC has stepped beyond the skateboard media and introduced a 30-second spot that ran at peak times on MTV, espn2, USA, and Comedy Central in July. The company hopes to broaden its market base by authentically representing skateboarding and the skateboarding lifestyle to television audiences that DC hopes will seek out ‘core skateboard retailers for their products. “TV advertising is the best way DC can approach our current customer, initiate new ones, and support our retailers,” said DC Founder and President Ken Block.

The commercial features DC team rider Josh Kalis skating and interacting with the urban environment of New York City. Described as “sarcastic and slightly irreverent,” its target audience is males, twelve to eighteen years old. The commercial depicts Kalis’ sense of humor and style, and shows him skating several spots around Manhattan. “It was exhausting,” says Kalis. “But it was super exciting to shoot in New York City … this place is home.”

“Naturally, our spot revolves around the happenings of a skateboarder and how our product supports his daily endeavors,” says Block. “As DC’s TV advertising evolves, I am sure our ads will diversify. But I am excited to show, through this ad, life from a skateboarder’s perspective. Skateboarding is DC’s main purpose, so I only hope that people who don’t understand the lifestyle of skateboarding find the spot appealing and hold a more positive view of skateboarders. I always want DC to be set apart … I truly want to keep my customers and shops happy and amused.”

In addition to the Kalis commercial, DC has produced a series of spots for 411VMwith the company’s five signature pro riders: Danny Way, Colin McKay, Rob Dyrdek, Rick Howard, and Mike Carroll. These commercials feature vintage and contemporary footage, depicting each rider’s achievements in skateboarding and their long-term dedication to the sport. Josh Freeberg of 411VMedited the spots, which will appear in issues 34 (Colin McKay and Rick Howard), 35 (Danny Way and Rob Dyrdek), and 36 (Mike Carroll).