DC Skate Plaza In USA Today

Rob Dyrdek is trying to spark a revolution in skatepark design with the Skate Plaza concept. Well, the concept is so compelling that it’s even catching the eye of the most mainstream newspaper in the US, USA Today, which reaches over a six-and-a-half million readers. The “Life section of the April 15 edition dedicated a full page to Rob, the Skate Plaza, and the current plight of street skaters everywhere.

“It’s amazing that USA Today views this as such a big issue that they dedicated an entire page to the subject!” says DC President Ken Block. “We’re very happy to have the support, and we appreciate their efforts. Rob and DC know it’s important for the future of skateboarding to have places like this for kids to street skate. This article will help spread that message to more people than ever.”

The article tells the story of why Rob helped found the Dyrdek/DC Shoes Skate Plaza Foundation, and why Skate Plazas are necessary. It’s illustrated by a large computer rendering of the Skate Plaza that’s in the works in Rob’s hometown of Kettering, Ohio. For the street skaters out there, it also breaks down the Kettering Skate Plaza spot by spot, and shows from what other famous skate spots Rob took his inspiration.

Most important of all, the article breaks down why Skate Plazas are needed in an easy to understand way, so you can show it to your parents or local city council members and make them understand why street skaters need real street spots.

“I’ve been working with several new cities in the past weeks that want to get a Skate Plaza built,” says Rob Dyrdek. “Things are starting to move fast, and this article should really help make other cities realize how big a Skate Plaza could be. My hat’s off to the gentleman who collaborated on the article. He has two kids who skate, and he went above and beyond the call of duty. The article represented myself, the Skate Plaza, and the Foundation really well. I’m psyched that people are starting to realize that this is something that skateboarding badly needs. “

Hunt down a copy of the paper before it’s too late! The article is in the “Life section of the April 15 edition. You can read the article on-line here.

Also, as we announced a few weeks ago, the Kettering Skate Plaza underwent a redesign. Check out the new renderings at skateplaza.com.