DC Team Update

It’s been about three months since The DC Video hit shops and the worldwide premiere tour ended. The team’s been keeping busy. After going on the premiere tour, Danny returned home to San Diego and has been journeying to the desert to skate the Mega Ramp and film for The DC Video: Deluxe Edition DVD, which will be onsale December 19. The Mega Ramp is close enough to the fires now consuming Southern California that Danny and crew can see the blaze on an adjacent hillside.

Colin has been in Vancouver, undergoing physical therapy for his shoulder and overseeing construction of a Vancouver skate park in the Silverlake neighborhood. The indoor park is receiving funding from DC Canada and RDS, and is going to have a full street course and vert set-up. (Rumors about the street course: marble ledges.) The park is in the building where the Vancouver Grizzlies basketball team used to practice, and with Colin involved, it’s shaping up to be one of the best skate parks in Vancouver, a city that has a lot of world-class parks.

Dyrdek’s been working on the Dyrdek/ DC Shoes Skate Plaza Foundation and designing shoes. He relocated from Los Angeles to the San Diego city of Del Mar just after the video premiered on June 19, but is now thinking of moving back to LA, this time to Venice Beach. If he does head to Venice, he’ll be close to A.V.E., who moved there from Hollywood after the video premiered in June. A.V.E. has been skating a lot and surfing.

Stevie’s also been skating a lot, and just wrapped a cameo in a new Metallica video. What is Stevie doing in a Metallica video? Stay tuned for more details as they become known. Wenning has been on the West Coast for a while, staying with Habitat teammate Danny Garcia in LA. He’s just returned from a trip to Sacramento, CA, where he skated and filmed with Biebel and Stefan Janowski. Kalis has been in Philly for a few weeks, also filming and skating for the deluxe DVD. This info’s been on the DL for a while, but Love Park’s skateable again. So now there’s talk of Kalis moving back to Philly. We’ll keep you posted.

Amateurs no longer, Ryan Smith and Ryan Gallant have both gone pro. Smithers has a board hitting stores now. It’s on Mystery, the new company out of Zero’s Black Box Distribution. He’s been skating and filming, too. The other Ryan, Gallant, has gone pro for Expedition. His board should be out soon.

On the amateur tip, Greg Myers has been skating and filming-which is all he does, anyway-and has just started home school. Robbie McKinley still calls the LA area home, and has been skating, as usual. Lindsey Robertson has recovered from a knee injury and is back on his board, skating and filming for the deluxe DVD when not riding quads at the Mega Ramp.

The guys are pretty busy, most getting some footage for The DC Video: Deluxe Edition DVD. Stay tuned for more updates in coming weeks.