DC Video Deluxe Edition DVD Now On Sale

The DC Video Deluxe Edition DVD is on sale now! Danny Way has a whole new video part that has to be one of the gnarliest video parts ever. The Deluxe Edition DVD also has new and unreleased DC team footage, Dyrdek Security—The Second Chapter, and tons of extra features. Plus the whole thing is packaged as a book, the first hard-bound book ever produced about a skate video. At a special premiere held at the ASR trade show on January 17, Danny’s new part brought a crowd of almost a thousand people to their feet—cheering, throwing drinks, and chanting his name as the house lights went up. What did Danny do to cause such a ruckus? Words fail to convey it. You’re just going to have to head to your local shop to find out. To top it all off, you can get the DVD, with the original video, the extra features, and the book, all for roughly the same price as other DVDs out right now.

The DC Video Deluxe Edition DVD is on sale now at a skate shop near you. For an advance look at some of the pages from the book, and for more info on the Deluxe DVD, visit The DC site.