DC Vs. James Lipton, Giant Distributes Project Hardware

Go to dcshoes.com and watch the hilarious James Lipton interview commercials. Dyrdek in classic form.

Giant Skateboard Distribution is happy to announce that we are adding Project Skateboard Hardware to the family. A production, sales and distribution agreement has been forged leaving the Project guys to focus on marketing and promoting the brand. We chose to work with Project because it has a unique style and innovative product line as well as a devotion to skateboarding and a philosophy that falls right in line with ours here at Giant.

For those of you that are unfamiliar with Project Skateboard Hardware, here’s a little more info; Project is owned by Joey Pulsifer and Stacy Lowery. Joey basically runs the show while Stacy hangs back ready to smack him if he gets out of line. They’ve grown up in skateboarding and continue to skate so they understand the needs of skateboarders on every level. It’s this kind of first hand knowledge that led Joey to design the world’s best skate tool and the patented dual-tool head hardware. The Project line also includes abec 3 and 5 bearings as well as riser pads. Look for the product line to expand to include wax, abec 7 bearings and griptape in the near future.

So what’s on the horizon for Project apart from new products? Well, advertising of course. We’re looking to start print ads for Project in the fall and given that the team includes hot shit skaters like Ronnie Creager, Mike Taylor, Colt Cannon, Chad Tim Tim, Diego Bucchieri, Caswell Berry, Raymond Molinar, Brian Sumner, Silas Baxter-Neil, Terrell Robinson, and Van Wastell you can bet it will be exciting. There’s also talk of a video project so stay tuned.