DC’s King of LA is Coming


As we continue preparing for our descent on the City of Angels for the DC King of Los Angeles, this week we’re proud to announce the locations and dates for each of the major events during our three-week stay. Stay tuned to dckingof.com, it’s literally the only spot in the world where you can actively stay updated as we get closer to K.O.L.A.’s first event.

Following the mold we created with the King of New York, DC will hit four spots all over L.A. to hold am skate contests. Here are the four spots DC will hold comps at—mark your calendars:

June 23rd – Lockwood School
June 24th – Bancroft Middle School
July 1st – Barkar Hangar
July 7th – LA Community College

Due to the high number of skateboarders in the greater L.A. area, we’ve mixed up the qualifying structure to give everyone a fair chance. Basically, each Los Angeles shop will send their two best skateboarders as wild card entrants, and an additional 25 will qualify the morning of each event through an open skate judged by a panel of five. Check with your neighborhood shop to see how to get in.

After a qualifying open skate goes down each morning, the 25 wild cards and the 25 morning pre-qualifiers will battle it out in jam-style heats: 10 skaters, 20 minutes, top 2 advance. The winners of each contest will score cash and prizes, $10,000 is on the line!

While holding am contests all over the city, we’re renting a couple of push lofts for the three-week time frame to house the DC team. The entire DC skate team will be there, including Danny Way, Colin McKay, Rob Dyrdek, Josh Kalis, Brian Wenning, Ryan Smith, Ryan Gallant, Devine Calloway, Lindsey Robertson, Sean Malto, and Greg Myers, plus members of the DC regional teams. The lofts will have even more comforts than home, and the team will be skating all over the city every day, gathering footage, photos, and hanging with the locals. They’ll also be attending and hosting a bevy of events, parties, and video premieres throughout. More info on the peripheral events to follow.

If you plan on skating the contests, get you schedule together now. Fans and competitors can stay updated at dckingof.com , and once the event gets underway look for daily blogs, video blogs, photo updates, and full contest results.