Denver Y Not Games Results

The ESPN X Games Skatepark of Denver hosted its first contest series this Spring. The series was first known as the “Y Games until a mysterious program in the matrix renamed it the “Y Not Games. The best skateboarders of Colorado showed up to compete for the gold. This reprogrammed contest series featured a street, vert, bowl, mini ramp, and rail jam, which witnessed three kick back lips in a row by Windsor James, Nathan Fantasia, and Tyler Price. The 12 and under division was dominated by seven year old Philip Hansen, aka Lil’ Phil, who definitely will be seen in the real X Games one day. Meanwhile, the street style events were always a showdown between three homeboys and fellow Bones team riders: Angel Ramirez, Travis La, and David Reyes. For more info, pics and results check out

Y Not Games Contest Results

Over-all series winners:

12 & Under Division
1. Philip Hansen
2. Alex Brunelle
3. Ty Ross
4. Chris Boettcher
5. Tyler Pharro
6. Joe Mclaren

13 to 16 Division
1. Ian Loffler
2. JJ Mccracken
3. Ethan Mason
4. Chase Cook
5. Julian Christiansen
6. Doug Stucky

17 & Up Division
1. Joel Peterson
2. Ryan Green
3. Chris Connors
4. Nick Hoogendyk

Sponsored Division
1. Jason Okeson
2. Josh Murphy
3. Travis La
3. Angel Ramirez
5. David Reyes
6. Daniel Finholm