The Devil’s Toy Redux

In 1966 in Montreal, a young National Film Board of Canada (NFB) director named Claude Jutra made one of the world's first skateboarding films, The Devil's Toy, with just a shoulder-mounted camera and a bunch of kids on boards.

Watch the trailer here

Now, The Devil's Toy Redux, is launching April 30, 2014, the original film takes its place alongside 11 new short films by directors from around the world, all inspired by the Jutra classic. The site will allow users to navigate from one film to the next and witness the evolution of skate culture across the globe through a multiplicity of lenses, as skateboarders, filmmakers, web developers and designers all share their unique points of view.

Shot in New York City (dir. Steve Durand); Los  Angeles (dir. Greg Hunt); Vancouver (dir. Corey Adams); Montreal (dir. Myriam Verreault); Victoriaville (dir. Matt Charland); Lyon, France (dir. Fred Mortagne); Bad  Durkheim, Germany (dir. Peter Schüttemeyer and Marten Persiel); Athens (dir. Argyris Papadimitropoulos); Bor, Serbia (dir. Nikola Ležaić); Johannesburg  (dir. Luke Jackson and Jess James Harris) and Singapore (dir. Qi An Yuan), The Devil's Toy Redux lets users explore the cities, its skaters, the boards they ride and their favourite places. Plus, the site's theme-based navigation highlights the issues that define the skaters' experiences: confrontation, social resistance, resignation and resolve.