The last day of Dew Tour is always a big day. The Am contests have wrapped up, the Qualifiers have been qualified and it’s the day that we get to see the best of the best working their asses off one last time. I probably should’ve been taking real notes instead of mental notes, but here are a few highlights.

Women’s Park Finals: 1st Place | Nicole Hause
The day started with the Women’s Park Finals and it was a helluva way to start the day. Let me just say: Nicole Hause has style; real style. Her airs, her no handed alley-oops. She rides for Anti-Hero… Her win was well-deserved and watching her skate gets me so hyped. I got to see Bryce skate the TWS park recently and she was ripping, her back grind fakies are so sick and she was blasting up to the big QP and taking them in fakie when it mattered. Jordyn Barrett is all smiles and also has a rad style. Like all of these ripping women, she’s being influenced by some of the greatest skaters on the planet and it shows when they’re out there skating. Nora got food poisoning the day before finals, but her kickflip back disaster was insane. Seriously, it was gnarly. Lizzie was killing it as always (and also did the only backside Smith grind in the contest), Poppy Starr was on fire and Hana and Sakura put together some flawless runs. Shout out to all of these ripping skaters, the Women’s Park Finals are always so fun to watch. And this year was no different. Skate like a girl? I only wish.

Full Results:
1.) Nicole Hause: 89.33
2.) Bryce Wettstein: 86.33
3.) Jordyn Barrett: 80.33
4.) Poppy Starr Olsen: 77.00
5.) Lizzie Armanto: 75.33
6.) Hanna Zanzi: 72.00
7.) Sakura Yosozumi: 68.33
8.) Nora Vasconcellos: 67.00

Park Finals: 1st Place | Cory Juneau
Ramblings of a few of my favorite moments: Cory’s front boards through the corner will never get old, but we’ll get back to him. Heimana blasts with so much style, he’s always happy and positive, and we spent a few days with him up at Woodward West a few weeks back so I’m definitely playing favorites. Last year was the first time I was introduced to him and his skating and it definitely stuck. It was great having him back at Dew Tour this year. Yeah, Heimana! Tristan Rennie placed first in Qualifiers and landed himself third in the Finals, but I’m sure he’s even more stoked that Chris Gregson showed up to the contest in his infamous Wizard costume, making Rennie’s spot on the Blood Wizard squad official. Oskar Rozenberg was probably my favorite, but anyone who switches up their runs always is. He’s just a sick skater, plain and simple and some of the shit he would do during practice or just messing around was just as notable as his actual runs. Not only did he place second, but he was also given the Zumiez Destroyer Award for destroying that bowl all weekend long. Back to Cory. Just go to the @dewtour Instagram and watch his winning run. I don’t know what else to say and there’s no point for me to try and describe it. It will do no justice. But his HUGE kickflips (with no grab) were insane, his use of every wall at any given moment was incredible. His speed. His trick selection. He’s just got it figured out and let’s not forget that he also won last year… You killed it, Cory. And it’d be wrong to not shout out all the other dudes in the contest because the Pro Park Finals are always the funnest thing to watch in my opinion. So check the full results below and high fives to: Clay Kreiner, Alex Sorgente, Keegan Palmer and Luiz Francisco (who I don’t know much about, but was BLASTING all weekend).

Full Results:
1.) Cory Juneau, 93.33
2.) Oskar Rozenberg, 91.00
3.) Tristan Rennie, 90.00
4.) Clay Kreiner, 88.00
5.) Heimana Reynolds, 84.33
6.) Alex Sorgente, 83.66
7.) Keegan Palmer, 83.00
8.) Luiz Francisco, 73.66

Street Finals: 1st Place | Yuto Horigame
The Pro Street Finals. Slams, makes, misses… it was a heavy session and the sun in Long Beach was unforgiving on Sunday. It was a little windier than days before, too, but these dudes are pro, right? Yuto is the truth. He’s killing contests right now (1st at Street League; 1st at Dew Tour) and we all know once his first, official video part drops our minds will be blown. I’ll easily admit that early on, I had my eye on Chase Webb because he was skating the course so different than everyone else. But with a lineup like this, you have to make all your tricks and play the game with the judges. Vincent Milou premiered his new video part (which has his front blunt down El Toro in it, as seen on the contents page of our July/August issue—get one!) and spared nothing on the course during the finals. Kelvin (third) and Jagger (second) were giving Yuto a run for his money, that’s for damn sure. And Kelvin won last year, so he came into this year with a little knowledge of what to expect. A few of the tricks that Jagger respectfully missed could’ve easily slotted him into first place, but like I said earlier—Yuto is the truth! And he seems to be a favorite amongst all the skaters, too. Decenzo took fourth but also walked away with the Zumiez Destroyer Award, shortly after sawing his board in half with the trophy and throwing the two pieces out into the crowd. Two lucky people went home with the best souvenir of the weekend! Like Jagger, Chaz was on fire but due to a few missed tricks things just happened how they did. But we all know Chaz is always ripping! I have to shout out Dashawn, too, because I’ve seen him come up for the past 8 or 9 years… from a little kid riding Vox shoes and getting flowed boards to riding for Nike, skating all the major contests and putting out amazing video parts ever since. You’re the man, Dashawn! It was a heavy street session, arguably even gnarlier that 2017 so I can only imagine what 2019 will have in store. But in the end, all the dudes there skating, supporting or just watching all deserve a shout out. Skating is about having fun, hanging with your friends, blah, blah, blah. We all know it, but contests like Dew Tour bring everyone together and you can always feel the hype. Cheers to another year.

Full Results:
1.) Yuto Horigome, 9100
2.) Jagger Eaton, 88.69
3.) Kelvin Hoefler, 88.00
4.) Ryan Decenzo, 87.33
5.) Chaz Ortiz, 84.66
6.) Vincent Milou, 84.33
7.) Chas Webb, 76.66
8.) Dashawn Jordan, 73.00