At this point we all know about the catastrophic damage that the hurricane has caused in Southeast Texas and Houston. And many of us have family or close relationships with people who either live in, or also have family in the areas that have been hit. Nick Tershay is among that group. Immediately he had the thought that he knew he wanted and needed to help out and to donate. And he also knew he wanted it to be substantial. To utilize the company’s strength that has been created over time to assist those that will need it most crucially now.
Diamond Supply Co. will be shipping four truckloads of apparel including T-shirts, jackets, pants, headwear and footwear (three million dollars worth).
You can’t put a price tag on feeling good and the positive energy that is created when a person knows there are others who are looking out for them. And when you know you’re looking good – you’re feeling good. It’s with this idea in mind that Diamond Supply Co. is making this unprecedented donation to the people of Texas during this incredibly difficult time.