Dobstaff still on Osiris & Darkstar, Disposable signing

Don’t believe the hype! Contrary to the Mandatory Info in our July issue, Chris Dobstaff is still riding for Osiris and Darkstar.

On Saturday, April 30, a book signing for Disposable: A History of Skateboard Art was held in San Jose, California, at one of the Skate Works stores owned and operated by Jason and Justin Strubing. Those who took some time off from the drawing tables to scribble their signatures included the book’s author, Sean Cliver, along with former Santa Cruz artists JimPhillips, Johnny “Mojo” Munnerlyn, Kevin Marburg, andJimbo Phillips, former Deluxe and current Elementartist Todd Francis, Consolidated artist Todd Bratrud,and special guest/pro skater for Powell, SteveCaballero. Almost 70 books were sold within thedesignated hour as numerous people from around theregion descended on the shop, including BryceKanights, Jai Tanju, and the notorious board collectorknown as Got Wood.—Sean Cliver – a history of skateboard – toddler rock ‘n’ roll inspired clothing