Dogtown Enters Into Licensing Deal With Dwindle Distribution

Dogtown Skateboards has entered into an agreement with Dwindle Distribution under which Dwindle will become the exclusive manufacturer and worldwide distributor of Dogtown Skateboards. Dwindle will also have exclusive rights to the manufacture and distribution of basic Dogtown apparel to the action-sports industry. “Dwindle is one of the leading hardgoods distributors in the skateboard industry, and we are eminently qualified to re-ignite the presence of Dogtown in the core market,” says Rob Valerio, president of Dwindle Distribution.

Dogtown Founder Jim Muir will be consulting with Dwindle on marketing-related matters. “Dogtown is the attitude of skateboarding,” he says. “I’m proud that I have been a part of that history that carries on today. Dwindle understands Dogtown’s legacy and will bring its integrity to a new generation. I look forward to working with Dwindle.”

Dwindle plans to assemble a team of young ‘core skaters under the Dogtown name that epitomizes the brand’s style and the attitude of its original Z-Boy team members. The team will be featured in print ads and demos at shops and skateparks later this year.

Dwindle Distribution is a leading skateboard and apparel company in the action-sports industry. Dwindle manufactures and distributes many of the top brands in skateboarding, including Blind, Darkstar, Droors Clothing, and Tensor Trucks. Dwindle reaches over 1,000 independent retailers in the United States and more than 40 countries worldwide through its distribution network. Dwindle?s primary focus is on teens and pre-teens aged eight to eighteen years old, interested in skateboarding and skate-inspired lifestyle.