Dream Park Denver Wrap and Results

There were no arrests reported resulting from a weekend-long melee that took place in the proximity of the Denver City Skatepark where several thousand people converged on the public playground for the first stop of the Dream Parks Tour. The Denver stop presented by airwalk is the first of what is slated to be a tour of contests to take place in the countries best free public parks. Nor were there any bad instances of public nuisance, debauchery, graffiti, intentional vandalism, gross displays of public nudity~ not even bad judging.

There was without a doubt more than the usual weekend chaos surrounding the popular downtown skate venue, which has put Denver on the must skate map and in many skaters GPS system index.

With a party weekend planned and Pabst Blue Ribbon as a key sponsor and a $20,000 cash purse hanging over the pro division, veteran shredders began showing up on Monday before the event to rip out a contest line.

DAY ONE- Pro Bowl
The first of the two longest, hottest days in skateboarding history ended with one of the most intense sessions of this era taking place in the Dog Bowl. With skaters from all over the country and different decades of skateboarding, spectators got a lesson in the skateboarding timeline while watching Salba, Chet Childress, Al Partanen, Brian Patch, Brian Pennington, Science Fair, Jimmy Leaphart, Wrex Cook, Matt Moffett and Dave Reul to name a few vie for their chance into the finals.

By the time the finals rolled around most people were glazed in disbelief with a total sensory overload- and the main event hadn~t even started yet. With a Jam format the final eight were given the green light to put it all out there and do whatever it took to win the title. Although Salba qualified into the final and was unable to compete due to a leg cramp, spectators witnessed the gnarliest snake session to take place in the Dog Bowl to date. Chet used the stairs like no one else, Patch went huge and fast, Science kept it fun with plowing through the crowd and grabbing a beer for the beer runs and his famous ~banana board~ runs. The crowd erupted when Patch aired over Chet and both of them stayed on like neither was even there, the most insanity of the night was Chet with a ~pad less~ les twist disaster revert. Does it get any more intense than that?

DAY TWO-Park Challenge
The second day of Dream Parks Denver brought out the younger generation of pro skaters to battle it out in the Park Challenge event. This event was designed to have skaters use all different aspects of the park including gaps, bowls, spines and the street area. While Jesse Paez, Pat Channita and Danny Fuenzalido ripped the park; local skaters reigned with Dave Davis taking home the top prize.

Best Street Trick
Best Street trick ended up as a heated session on the street to bowl area grass gap with the crowd making the final decision between Jesse Paez and Dave Davis. Jesse was going huge over the gap while Davis was wowing the crowd with his super tech style. After the deciding fate landed on Davis, he split the $1,750 prize with Jesse.

Best Bowl Trick
Best Bowl trick gave some of the skaters from the night before another chance at bringing home some cash. With the $1,750 winner- takes- all prize up for grabs, tired and sore from the prior day skaters found themselves padding up again (except for Chet of course). With the crowd deciding the winner, Brian Patch again beat the field with a backside 360, although possibly due to the fatal mix of Pabst being a sponsor and Dave Tuck being an announcer. The heat of this session was really between Chet with an Ollie lien grab into the waterfall and Benji Galloway with a Unit.

With talk of the next Dream Parks Tour Stop being in Louisville- skaters, workers and spectators are still trying to recover from the weekend of “Skateboarding Boot camp” we all endured to make the Denver stop one of the most history making events of this era. Thanks to the skaters, PROXY ccrew, Airwalk, SoBe, Pabst Blue Ribbon, Conspiracy Skateboards, Monsterskate.com and Skate-One Distribution for making this possible. Oh and special thanks to Thrasher for designing the park.

We’re shooting for Louisville Kentucky as being the next location for destruction with an even bigger party/skate weekend. And remember- if you can’t take the heat, get out of the session.


Pro Bowl- Saturday August 10, 2002 ($7,500)
Brian Patch $3,000
Benji Galloway $1,500
Chet Childress $1,000
Dave Maxwell (Science) $700
Wrex Cook $500
Bryan Pennington $400
Cameron Dowse $250
Salba (DNF) $150

Park Challenge- Sunday August 11, 2002 ($7,500)
Dave Davis $3,000
Wrex Cook $1,500
Jesse Paez $1,000
Pat Channita $700
Mark Liscak $500
Danny Fuenzalido $400
Nick Peterson $250
Uriel Luebcke $150

Best Trick Street- ($1,750)
Dave Davis

Best Trick Bowl- ($1,750)
Brian Patch