Duffs Skate Team Report

The Duffs Jason Adams Commercial

Mid Summer 2003

As many if not all of you know, the Label team hit the road in April, June and early July to tour Europe, and the U.S. They started in Europe with almost all of the team. The aftermath of that tour can be seen in almost all the Europe Magazines. After arriving home for about a month, they took of for the Label Live tour Sponsored by Duffs Black Label Destructo trucks and Speed Metal Bearings. The mid west was first with Jason Adams, Adam Alfaro, and the rest of the Label team. Then the west coast and western Canada with Alfaro and Gagne. The tour was finished with a leg from Florida to Ohio. Ragdoll and Alfaro were on that portion of the trip. To many across the U.S. the Label Live tour was the hit of the summer. It left them wanting another joint Duffs/Label event.

The rest of the team has been busy as well. Stacy Lowery spent a week at skate camp in Minneapolis. There he skated and worked with the kids to learn new tricks. I heard a story of how he showed a kid how to do a pop shuv-it and the kid practiced all afternoon until he couldn’t do it any more. But stopped with the biggest smile on his face because of his joy for skating and because of the help from Stacy. All 50 of the kids left with a Duffs shirt, sticker and a great memory of Stacy and their week at camp. Stacy is now in England for a couple of weeks with fellow Santa Cruz rider, Alex Moul. They’re there filming for the next Santa Cruz video and shooting for various magazines. When he returns he’s scheduled to shoot his Duffs ad. So look for his mug along side a bunny girl later on this year!

Brian Howard’s time at camp is still going on. He recently took a day off and came home for a couple hours to pick up man’s best friend, Sanford. He’s the head of the skate department there at Woodward west. He works with the kids every day, and skates some of the best stuff on earth all summer long. With visiting pros and photographers coming by all the time he has plenty of people to skate with and photographers to shoot with as well.

Rag Doll has been all over the place this summer and is a hard one to keep up with. There were rumors of a Vegas wedding for him then it turned into him giving his sister away in her wedding in New York. With the Label tour, traveling, his filming, and time in the studio with his band, he hasn’t had time to give me the whole scoop. So is he married or not? And was it to the Bunny in his Duffs ad? That’s what we all want to know!

Alfaro has been skating like crazy since he’s been back from the Label Live tour, where he took M.V.P. He was the one on all three legs of the tour that would, “Save the show!” buy the end of the night. Rumor about this guy is he’s deserving of an infamous Duffs ad and will be getting one soon. Keep your eyes out for that around the beginning of the year.

Hensley has been a very busy man with that accordion of his. He left some time in April and just finally got back form a world tour. He called me last week from LAX on his way to France for a “Gig” in France over the weekend. He is looking forward to getting some time in on his board. He’s got some ideas for a very interesting tour for his next Europe Flogging Molly tour. It might involve a skateboard as well as an accordion this time. For all the Hensley fans out there, we sure hope it works out. And for those Hensley fans that are a little closer to him we hope to spend some time on a mini ramp with him soon.

Jaason Adams has been handling his summer plans from Camp Adams in San Jose. He’s been working on plans of a Cadillac tour, Europe trip and many other things to finish off the year. He leaves later on this month to go get his 60’s Cadillac for future tours. He plans on making a trip out of picking up the Cadillac, which will hopefully finish up his shooting for his interview in Transworld Skateboarding. How about those ads?

Well, the ams have been busy as well. Damian Smith is busily filming in Philly. He’s making plans to move out to San Francisco for a few months. He’s got a Santa Cruz video to film for and a part to finish in Josh Stewart’s video.

James Atkin’s has been a man on a mission, or tour. He saw most of Canada and the east coast of the U.S. this spring and early summer. Japan is also becoming a second home for this guy as well. Hurly keeps taking him back there. He recently returned from the video premieres over there of the Hurly Japan video. He’s now working on a trip to San Jose to finish up a piece he’s been working on for Transworld Skateboarding.

Nate Kocaka has been promoting in the I.E. or Inland Empire for those of you not in Southern California. With all the new spots and parks he’s had a lot to skate and shoot and film on. Nate was crazy enough to go out to Arizona for a signing at a shop last month. He thought he was going to be able to skate. He thought being from the I.E. he was ready to battle the AZ heat. He was wrong. It turned out to be a great signing, but not a good skate mission.

Jon Goemann, the newest addition to the am team has been quite busy with another one of his new sponsors, Birdhouse. At just barely 16, He’s already seen a lot of Canada and toured a lot of the States. This kid has a bright future ahead of him. He’s working on the next Birdhouse video and on a piece for 411. The whole team is stoked to see little Jon moving up the ranks of skateboarding.

Mike Santa Fe has moved out of Carlsbad and it isn’t back to Santa Fe New Mexico. It ‘s to Costa Mesa, CA. I don’t know if you would call it moved. He’s still couch touring it. But it’s exciting that he left Carlsbad. Mike went with us and kept us all entertained on our AZ and NM trip. He was a last minute addition, but great one. Nice switch ollie in this months Transworld Skateboarding!

Well, that’s all for the Duffs Skate team report this month. I’ll keep you informed as it all happens. – RP

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