DVS Don’t Fear The Reefer Grindtainers

This weekend if you’re at Tampa Pro and you plan on relaxing before or after the contest, make sure to pick up one of these DVS Grindtainers that will be floating around the weekend, free of charge. Torey and Zered will be certain to have some of these in their skate equipment bag.

If you’re a Team Manager and your top pro, whom has a 9 year six figure deal tweaks his ankle, be sure to break out your DVS Grindtainer and try to calm your nerves.

Here is a list of medicinal strains that work great for the DVS Grindtainer:
"Huckleberry Trainwreck" to dial in for practice.
"Blueberry coma" for the anti-social who likes to lurk behind the quarterpipe.
"Early retirement" is grown exclusively in Hawaii and if toked too much, it will make your hair turn grey..