A Look Inside The Making Of DVS' Skate & Create II Video

There's a whole lot that went into making DVS' second Skate & Create II video. Wood, as its titled, took the combined efforts of approximately 25 people working 18-hour days for 9 days straight. It took more than 8 thousand logs, thousands of feet of cable, hundreds of thousands of watts of electricity, and so much more.

"The amount of man power put into creating this year's Skate & Create definetely warranted a full-fledged behind the scenes video," says DVS Editor/Motion Designer Ryan Marcus. "We not only wanted to improve on last year's idea by integrating motion design, but we wanted to truly show the camaraderie, creativity, and overall vision that went in to creating such an amazing entry for Skate & Create II."

Log on to dvsshoes.com/skate to see the video right now.


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