DVS’ Skate More Web site


DVS Shoes launches the official Skatemore website where visitors can check out tour updates, photos, and actual footage from the video.

www.dvsshoes.com/skatemore, or www.skate-more.com

Daewon Song, Jeron Wilson, Daniel Castillo, Jason Dill, Jereme Rogers, Mike Taylor, Chico Brenes, Keith Hufnagel, Kerry Getz and Steve Berra.

We figured it was about time to give everyone an update on what the DVS skate team has been working on. The team has spent the last year traveling and skating the best spots around the world getting footage for the first ever skate team video for DVS titled, ‘Skatemore’. The website gives everyone a chance to check out the progress of the Skatemore film.

The website features photo galleries from all the trips the team has taken, video commercial archives, and tons of giveaways to win free gear. The website also includes a contest you can enter to have the pros come skate your spot! The team manager and filmers provide daily updates on the website and sometimes the pros will even give you some personal dailys. Come check out the website at: www.Skate-More.com!