This year’s Woodward West Shootout winner was DVS. Peep their winning edit right here.

Press Release from DVS:
Costa Mesa, CA. – DVS Shoe Company, celebrating their twentieth year in business took top honors in The Shootout at Woodward West this week. After a close count DVS and their ironic four minute and twenty second video was deemed the winner decided by a 50/50 popular vote and expert panel. With $15,000 dollars on the line DVS took top honors and $5,000.

The DVS video was filmed mid summer in Tehachapi California which temperature wise clocked in at a toasty 105 degrees. That explains the 400+ Coors Lights that were consumed. Riders in the DVS video were Daewon Song, Jon Nguyen, Zack Wallin, Blake Johnson, Jordan McCollough, Jordan Norwood, Katsuya Shiratori and DVS' Manager Paul Shier.

The project was filmed in 2 days at Woodward West. Woodward and The Ride Channel invited Welcome, Powell Perelta, Hoopla and Brimley Skateboards to participate this year. The video was filmed and edited by Carson Lee and Colin Clark.