Dwindle Down Undah, Canada News

Dwindle is as Dwindle Does….

It started the week of February 7th, when the Almost, Blind, Darkstar, Legacy, and World team’s headed off to Melbourne for the Globe World Cup.

The days consisted of constant skating and the nights were over run with persistent drinking and poker. Almost took on Blind with a game of poker, which was instigated by the youngest of the crew, Ryan Sheckler who played against Ronnie Creager, Corey Sheppard, and Steve Rocco. Rocco left the game penniless and had to borrow $20 bucks for a cab ride home.

The contest was held at the Rod Laver arena where a massive course was set up with huge rails, lofty transfers, and more transitions than a strip club. After a long day of practice the worldwide premiere of the Blind “What If video — the first in over a decade was shown! With over 4000 in attendance the Aussie crowd and fellow skater’s watched in awe over the highly technical skating by the Blind team — Ronnie Creager, Corey Sheppard, James Craig, Kris Markovich, Jake Brown, Evan Schiefelbine, Aaron Artis, Jake Duncombe, Grant Patterson, and Carlos Ruiz. Any good premiere needs to be proceeded with a celebration! A nice sit down dinner with a few bottles of wine hit the spot — what are you kidding? More like Whiskey shots and food flying sounds more like it!

Saturday was the big day of the contest! The Gallaz skate jam started at 9am, Ouch! World Industries AM, Lauren Perkins skated through qualifiers, making it into the finals where she gave a flawless run and ruled the jam session with a stylie feeble grind down the rail and a huge 3 flip up the gap over the stairs. Congrats to Lauren as she took 2nd in the Gallaz Skate Jam, taking home $2500.00.

With the ladies relaxing, the guys hit the course, starting with qualifiers of 1 minute runs and 5 minute jams sessions, the heats separated the men from the boys. Before the semi finals on street, the vert rider’s took to the HUGE pipe with 3 roll ins at varied heights. 1st place went to Jake Brown of the Blind team, who I don’t think stopped partying from the night before (maybe that’s the secret) with a huge air reaching 15ft + and 2nd place going to the newest pro on the Darkstar Wood team, PLG with a 14ft + air and a stylish 10ft 720.

The semis began with Ryan Sheckler and Greg Lutzka, teammates from Almost Skateboards competing in Heat 1, against 4 other skater’s in hopes to reach the finals. Seriously, the type of skating going on in this heat was “no joke! This could have been the finals itself! Ryan placed 2nd and was off to the finals. Heat 2 was just as intense with Ronnie Creager from Blind, who was still pumped from the video premiere the night before, and World Industries breakthrough rider of the contest, Mike Peterson who made it through from the first round of qualifiers! Ronnie placed 3rd in the semis and moved into the finals.

After skating all day it was time for the finals. Ronnie showed no shame with SWITCH EVERYTHING and finishing in 5th place. Ryan stayed focused through a crowd of crazy girls screaming god only knows what while holding signs that said “Ryan, will you marry me! It must have helped as Ryan landed a clean kickflip down the HUGE gap, which was 12 ft out and 10 ft down and a nice kickflip backlip on the long box and center rail. You almost forget he’s only 15! The only guys attempting the big gap were the little guys Ryan Sheckler and Aussie home favorite Jake Duncombe. Congrats to Ryan, who finished a solid 2nd, bringing home $15,000.

The contest was finished and it was time to party. Tunes from a Gun’s and Roses cover band blared while many rider’s stage dove into crowds of hundreds. Legacy team rider, Shane Cross had his name chanted non stop after being awarded Australian Skater of the Year! Congrats Shane! Seriously, there’s no concept of time “down undah as it doesn’t get dark until about 10pm and the bars stay open till 5am!

Sunday, the day of rest, was sppent at the 7-block casino in the heart of the city! World and Almost Team Manager – Tom Curran, PLG, Mike Peterson, Corey Sheppard, James Craig, and new Dwindle Sales Director – Derek Richardson play hours of Black Jack and Craps! They all came out looking pretty good, although…. Ask Tom where his $600 ended up!

After returning to the hotel a few rooms had been “playfully tampered with, but I’ll leave it at that for the sake of all parties involved. You know who you are and it will come back 10 fold!

So once again, congrats to:

Ryan Sheckler — 2nd place street
Lauren Perkins — 2nd place women’s street
Jake Brown — 1st place vert best trick
PLG — 2nd place vert best trick

Shane Cross — Australian Skater of the Year

Blind Team — for their long and hard work on the new Blind “WHAT IF video!

News From The North

Underworld will not do the Under Attack tour this year. But the TV show is coming back with 2 more seasons. Check out  www.underattacktour.com  for more detail. The Under Attack tour 2003 DVD is finally out. Go to www.underworld-shop.com  to get one! 

Grant Patterson is officially on Blind and will have a full part in the new Blind video. Don’t miss the premier in Vancouver march 4th at the Vogue theatre, 918 Granville Street.  7:30 pm and 9pm. 5$ at the door. Or if you’re in Montreal go to the Bistro Sanguinet on March 6th at 7pm. 308 St-Catherine east.   

Dave Lapchuk and Grant Patterson are sharing a part in the new movie Environment!

Gianmarco Alaimo is now riding for Baker skateboards, Krew clothing and Nike Footwear. Well deserved after getting the cover of the Expose magazine. 

Am getting paid will happen again this year at the Orkus skate park in Montreal in association with Zoo York! In Association with ÉS footwear, SBC skateboard magazine, Blind skateboards, Von Zipper, Independent, Momentum, Dakine and Protec. More sponsor to be announced shortly. Sept. 24-25. 2005 in Montreal! Go to www.orkus.ca  to check out the skate park or www.amgettingpaid.com for last years results or for more info on the up coming event!The Am getting Paid DVD 2004 should be out by the time you read this. Go to www.underworld-shop.com  to get one! 

Oliviero Fontana blew up his knee at the Lakai demo last summer. Oliviero will recover very soon. The Italian Stallion is stronger than you think. Oliviero is training everyday! 

Carl labelle and Dan Bochart were both featured in the last DVD of Lakai ! Yeah that’s right! The Under dogs are making it happen! 

Underworld will hold a best trick contest at the RDS Skate Park March 12th (3pm to 6pm) .The total prize money is 1200$. (300$ on each four different obstacles) The event is proudly sponsored by Emerica, Circa, Kr3w and Zoo York. Don’t miss the after party at the Lamplighter pub in Gas Town, 210 Abott Street. Featuring DJ Kemo! Call 604-899-8949 for more info! 

Underworld is proud to be one of the sponsors of the SkateOver not Makeover 2