Dwindle News


Haslam, Coop, and Lutzka headed off to Europe for the V7 Teenage Tour. Ryan Sheckler will hit NYC for a grand opening of the new Nintendo store. Shecks was recently on MTV Cribs, go to almostawebsite.com to see clips. Haslam, Coop, and Ryan will all have footage in the new 411 coming out this month.


Ronnie, Corey, James, and Jake Brown just returned from France and England. Check out pics on blindreaper.com.


The Darkstar team has been filming in Spain. Darkstar’s new am Paul Trep will be heading out to the Damn Am in June. Darkstar has released their “No Flat Spotting Guarantee” on all Light Knight, Dual Durometer, Pro Core, and OG wheels. Check darkstarwood.com.


The enjoi team spent the whole month of April in Arizona filming and staying in Ronnie Creager’s house. Updates and pics at enjoico.com


Rodney Mullen is always working on new technologies, so stay tuned. If you haven’t already signed up to win one of five UBER completes, you can do it now. Only a total of 50 will ever be made in this form. Winner will be picked in September. Check tensortrucks.com

World Industries

Kyle Berard will be getting a pro model in September. The entire World team is filming for a new video to be out November 2005. Kurtis Colamonico is the new World am. Graham Bickerstaff and Kurtis will have a part in the new 411.