Dwindle, Podium, and Donny Barley—News!

Donny Barley is officially off Birdhouse, the rumor being that he will soon ride for Zoo York—stay posted for the official word.


almost’s latest tour will kick off June 9 at the 4 Seasons Park in Madison, Wisconsin, then June 12 at Cal Surf in Minneapolis, Minnesota, and finally on June 13 at the 4 Seasons Park in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Go see Greg Lutzka, Ryan Sheckler, Chris Haslam, Cooper Wilt, and Daewon Song!


While in San Francisco for the Bayview Rumble, Aaron Artis got hurt trying to frontside flip Wallenberg. Jake Brown just returned from a couple months stay in Vancouver where he was filming at the RDS skatepark. Corey Sheppard just signed with I-Path. Ronnie Creager has relocated to a new home in Phoenix to film for the new Blind video.

Look for the Blind team in a city near you! Toronto, Chicago, Detroit, Denver and Salt Lake City are all involved in an upcoming filming trip for the new, anxiously awaited Blind video WHAT IF.


Bobby Puleo’s first solo show in Los Angeles will present his seven years of found art collecting in stunning framed collages as well as his personal drawings, photographs and design work. Bobby’s “Clues about the Rest of the World at the LA New Image Art Gallery will be held during July 17, 2004 — August 8, 2004.


Beginning on July 1, Rick Howard, Mike Carroll, Jeff Lenoce, Anthony Pappalardo and Danny Garcia will all be heading up to Canada for a 10 day tour that spans most of Eastern Canada. Quebec City will be the starting point with Oshawa, Ontario (outside of Toronto) being the trips final destination. Check lakai.com soon for dates and details.

Rob Welsh has finally been cleared for takeoff after many a long ride on his track back down Recovery Road. It’s been almost 7 months since Welsh went under the knife to repair a torn ACL, and although he’s still not ready for big spin fakie manuals at the pier, he’s already been spotted getting re-acquainted with his nollies. He’s as skate-minded as they come, so it won’t be long until he’s back at 100 percent.

Cairo Foster has been on a Popwar tour in Europe for almost three weeks now and there’s no indication that he will be home any time soon. Last we heard from him, he had just arrived in London after a week in southern France. Rumor has it that he is scheduled to return to the US at the beginning of July, but a visit to the Popwar website could neither confirm nor deny that. Since he left, our communication with him has been sporadic, but if we hear from him with more details on the trip we’ll keep you posted.