Ed Ryan update, DC/Apple bag, Slammed, Sexpak, team changes and more.

Latest news on Ed Ryan, Drop In skate shop, Phoenix, Arizona.

The Ed Ryan Benefit Skate Jam-DisplayAuction-Skaterock Blowout

The intent of this event is to solely raise money forEd and Kari Ryan, owners of the Drop In skate shop in Phoenix, Arizona through an auction of skate products donated by numerous skate shops and skateboard companies. For information on what happened to ed and his current recovery status can be found on the message boards on concretedisciples.com. Cash donations can be set up at: edryanfund@yahoo.com via paypal.Kari, Ed’s wife, requesed that all product donations be sent to:

Ed Ryan Benefit
7905 E Wilshire Dr
Scottsdale, Az 85257

Do not send packages to the Drop In skate shop! It istemporarily closed and no one is there to recieveanything.

Phoenix Skate Park
9617 Metro Parkway W., Suite 2129
Phoenix, Az 85051
Phone: (602) 870-8727

Saturday, August 14, 2004 7pm-12am

Event Coordinator:
Robert Locker-Owner, Azpx Skateboards
7905 E Wilshire Dr
Scottsdale, Az 85257
Cell: 480-326-9645 Azpx: 602-765-Azpx or

Auction Coordinator:
Christopher Meinerz
3328 E Geronimo Court
Gilbert, Az 85297
Home: 480-361-5758
Cell: 480-620-3261

Music Director:
Thomas Lopez-Owner, Azpx Skateboards
4934 E Corrine Dr
Scottsdale, Az 85254
Cell: 602-334-3948 Azpx: 602-765-Azpx Or

Tentative Band Line Up: Smoky Mountain Skull Busters, Bullet Train To Moscow, The Half Empties.

Contributing sponsors so far:The Grind Boardsports, Pulse Skateboards, Cowtown Skateboards, Cal Daze Skateboards, Sidewalk Surfer, Fast Forward, Boardwalk Skateshop, Utility Board Shop, Thrifty Board Shop, Syndrome Distribution, JWID Distribution, Powell, Vans, NHS, Sole TechnologySocko Energy Drink, Phoenix Skate Park.

Incase Designs and DC Shoes Collaborate and Introduce the DC/Incase Skatebag to be Sold Exclusively at Apple Stores

Co-Branded Skatebag Fuses Lifestyle, Music and Technology intoDesign-Forward Pack for Skateboarding and Apple Enthusiasts

In an unprecedented collaboration, Incase Designs, maker of carrying solutions, has teamed up with DC Shoes to present the DC/Incase Skatebag as well as the DC/Incase iPod and iPod Mini Sleeves.The DC/Incase Skatebag represents the union of lifestyle, music andtechnology. The Skatebag is a multi-functional pack designed to house and protect users’ iBook or PowerBook, iPod, skateboard and other essential gear.

Damon Way, Executive Vice President of DC Shoes, says “The Skatebag is the first product of its kind, designed from the ground up with the iBook, PowerBook, iPod, and a skateboard in mind. It’s the perfect complement to the DC and Incase lifestyles.

The DC/Incase Skatebag and the DC/Incase iPod and iPod Mini Sleeve will be available exclusively at Apple online and retail stores nationwide beginning in July. The DC/Incase Skatebag will retail for $129.00 and the DC/Incase iPod and iPod Mini Sleeves will retail for $24.99. Visit apple.com for additional details.

Mad Media releases new action sport documentary Slammed—Pain is universal

Slammed, an action sport documentary that focuses on the crashes and injuries that athletes have to overcome is being produced and directed by Mad Media, a multidisciplinary marketing and creative firm based out of San Diego.

This 90 minute documentary highlights some of today’s most influential athletes “You don’t just jump on a skateboard and bluntslide a 15 stair handrail. It takes years of practice and punishment to your body,” says Matt Martelli, founder of Mad Media. “Many of the athletes are friends of ours and we have seen first hand the life changing injuries they have overcome to keep riding that would make normal people give up,” aadds Martelli. “Slammed shows the world how much abuse you have to go through to make a living as an action sports athlete. It’s not easy.”

Distributed through HART SHARP, the documentary features:
Rick Thorne (BMX), Dave Mayhew (Skateboarder), Tyler “The Dead King King (FMX), Kristian Svitak (Skateboarder), Randy “Goose Welch (Surfer), Eric Mchenry (Surfer), Josh Sleigh (Surfer), Matt Archibold (Surfer), Neal Mims (Skateboarder), Chris Lambert (Skateboarder), Jesse Merle Jones (Surfer), Josh Hieno (BMX), Nate Adams (FMX), Brian Conely (Surfer), Todd Richards (Snowboarder), Jake Brown (Skateboarder) and more.

Sweden’s Sexpak Stix Skateboards Update

After a few months of board sponsorship limbo, Mika Edin has settled down at Sexpak Stix Skateboards where he joins Johan Florell, Martin Gustafsson and Filip Söderlindh. All these rippers are working on a video.

Two limited-edtition boards from Sexpak Stix Skateboards include the Guest Artist board with Kris Markovich and a Hellacopters band board. Better get one quick cause they are limited to 100 copies. Check out sexpakstix.com for more information on the team and products.

Team Changes

Corey Sheppard has been added to the Momentum Wheels team.

Paul Sharpe is now the team manager for Destructo and Speedmetal as well as Popwar.