Ed Templeton Lives

Head bonk in Switzerland nearly takes him out.

Ed Templeton had a brush with death when he fell during practice at the Grand Prix of Skateboarding contest in Lausanne, Switzerland on July 6. Breaking two vertebrae, Ed escaped serious spinal-cord damage and is expected to recover in a couple months.

The accident occurred when Templeton was boardsliding the contest flat bar that ended with a kinked rail. “My board stuck, and I violently sacked the rail then scraped my stomach on the kink on my way to a no-handed head skid that sanded a two-inch square section of hair off of my head,” said Templeton. “My neck then folded over, cracking the two vertebrae.”

Four stitches on his head and a serious misdiagnosis later, Templeton continued on to Holland, where he had a follow-up exam to check out his “whiplash.”

“The doctors there discovered a displaced vertebra and had me come back for a CAT scan,” said Templeton. “The CAT scan showed the two broken bones. So now I have a hard plastic collar I’ll most likely have to wear for six weeks.”

The Damage Done:
Two broken vertebrae┬┐left side transverse process of cervical numbers 6 and 7 (transverse process is the prong that juts out the side of your vertebrae).
C7 is broken apart.
C6 is fractured but not separated.
C6 and C7 are the last two neck bones before your back starts (when you bend your head down, the bone that sticks out the most on your back is C7).